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Breast Cancer Ribbon socks

Pattern:Pink Ribbon socks, by Lisa Lloyd (free pdf download from that page) with modifications as listed below
Yarn: Valuruguai Mimosa Superwash wool (from my stash)
Needles: Crystal Palace bamboo DPN's, 2.75 mm
Finished: July 2006, just in time for my sisters and I to wear them in the San Francisco Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

The pattern as written doesn't let the top part of the loop 'close' very neatly - it looks kind of chopped off.
To fix this, I replaced the first four rows of the charted pattern with the following:

Row 1: p14
Row 2 p6, k2, p6
Row 3: p5, pfkf (purl stitch, then knit into front of same stitch), k2, kfb (knit into front and back of stitch), p5
Row 4: p6, k4, p6

It stretches the top a bit more and has you do the increase a row earlier than she's got in the pattern, but it
actually 'closes' the loop at the top of the ribbon, which the existing pattern doesn't really do.

I also made two pairs with a single ribbon instead of two - this simply required 10 rows of purl before and after doing the ribbon cable.