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Spiral Rib Socks

Pattern: Basic sock pattern peacock heel, kitchener stitch toe, with spiral rib pattern
Yarn: Colori Sock it To Me
Finished: April, 2005

Spiral Rib Pattern:

Cast on stitches in a multpile of four and do k1p1 ribbing for however long you want (for this pair I did two inches). Then k4 p4 around the entire circuit once; on the next time around k2tog k3 p4 then k4p4 around and around and around until it's as long as you want. The decreased stitch allows the rib to spiral without you having to do any counting whatsoever. Then once the heel's done and you're picking up the stitches to start the foot, increase one stitch somewhere on the top flap of the sock, and you're right back to the number of stitches you started with.