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Pattern: Mr. Flurry
Yarn:Random acrylic yarn from stash
Finished: First one done December, 2004; more made in December 2005 as gifts, etc.

Made in December, 2004

Made in December, 2004 for church holiday bazaar

Made in December, 2005 as gifts for sisters, niece, and nephews

Modifications (various):

1. Made the last batch in the round.

2. Used sparkly yarn for some of the hats and scarves (since the yarn was thinner, had to increase number of stitches)

3. Striped/textured scarves done as follows:
W = white yarn
C = either green or red yarn, depending on your preference
sl = slip the stitch

The striped scarves are done as follows:
Start with 2 rows garter stitch in C
Row 3 & 4 - knit across (in W)
Row 5 - knit across in C
Row 6 - purl across (in C)
Repeat rows 3 - 6 until it's the length you need.
End with two rows C in garter stitch and bind off.

4. The polka dot hat is as follows:
Knit the ribbing as the pattern directs.
Knit 2 rows stockinette in the solid color.

Pattern stitch is a 4 stitch, 9 row pattern as follows:
Row 1 - With W k1, sl 3 repeat
Row 2 - with W p1, (sl 1, p3) repeat ( ), p2 for last two stitches
Row 3 - With C sl1, k3, repeat
Row 4 - With C, p across row

Row 5 - With W sl 2, (k1, sl 3) repeat, end with sl 1
Row 6 - with W p3, k1, repeat
Row 7 - With C k2, sl 1 (k3, sl 1) repeat, end with k1
Row 8 - With C, p across row