Back to socks

I am having no luck with pictures these days – seems like they either come out too dark or too grainy. But it’s been over a week since I posted, so an entry with no pictures is better than no entry at all, right?

I am one skein away from finishing the basketweave afghan, but that’s been a little stalled lately since the past few days I’ve been focusing fulltime on socks. I finished off the first basketcase socks (if you scroll down you’ll see a picture, which tells you what the stitch pattern looks like on both the sock and the afghan), and contrary to normal habits, did not immediately cast on for the second in the pair, because I knew I needed to get working on my Sockpal2za socks instead. This weekend I cast on three different socks, with three different yarns and three different patterns, and I have a sneaky feeling I have knit an entire pair of socks already from all the trying of this and that. But instead I am only about 2/3 of the way into the first sock, which I am making using a zigzag eyelet pattern (inspired by several different patterns) in some gorgeous teal and blue yarn.

It’s nice to have something little to work on again – afghans quickly become too bulky to be portable, and Kiri is, at this point, rather slow going and requires too much concentration to be mindless knitting.

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