All the pretty pictures

Time to round up pictures of a few more finished objects. First up (and most recently finished, of course) is Kiri, posed artfully around one of the miscellaneous pine trees in our back yard.

The finished width is about 72 inches, which means I could have easily stopped one pattern repeat earlier than I did…which of course would have meant I would not have had to break into the third skein of Alpaca Cloud. Ah well.

Next up is the latest finished afghan, made using the basketweave pattern from this sock pattern, with a seed stitch border.

I used 8 skeins of vintage Bernat Berella 4 yarn I got on eBay – so old it only had a number for the color instead of a name. I only wish I was able to find more, because this ended up just barely over 5 feet long, and I would have preferred even just one more skein.

Finally, here’s a picture of something I finished a month or two ago – my Market Bag (pattern from Folk Bags.

I used some of the Lara Endless Summer cotton I bought ages ago and never found a use for. I’d originally bought it to become a summer top, but the way the colors pooled made it look more like camoflauge, which just isn’t my style. For the Market Bag, I doubled the strands, so while I do get a little pooling here and there, I kind of like the way it created those neat diagonal stripes. Plus, double-stranding it means the bag is extra sturdy. I’ve been using this to cart around knitting projects, but I could also see tossing this in my car to take with me on a grocery run one of these days.

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2 Responses to All the pretty pictures

  1. Beth says:

    Very pretty. I’m 2/3 of the way through the Pacific Northwest shawl (which is deceptive, since every other row increases 4 stitches), but Kiri is definitely in the running for my next lace project.

    I like the Market Bag too; I just wish we had more farmer’s markets around here to put one to use.

    You could knit a border around the afghan, if you could find a solid to match one of the colors. If not, five feet is a pretty good length when you just need to keep your legs and two cats warm.

  2. Jenipurr says:

    Oh, I’m fine with keeping it for myself (grin) – I love the yarn and the colors. But this was supposed to be a birthday present for someone who is much taller than me, so I’m not so sure if it will work.

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