When I was finishing off this blanket, I was a concerned because it seemed as if I was missing some yarn. And when it turned out that the afghan wasn’t as long as it was supposed to end up, I was a little miffed because I really had measured the length of work from the first skein and it should have worked out.

Well, turns out my misgivings were right after all. I was poking about on the shelf with all my knitting stuff yesterday and what should I find but one more ball of yarn! I thought I’d left it all downstairs on the table, but I can only assume that during a fit of cleaning I brought it upstairs and actually put it away…then promptly forgot about it by the time I had made my way through the other seven balls.

I’m about halfway through the sixth skein of yarn for the Hot Waffles afghan for my niece, and I’m using the same needles for this as for the basketweave. However, once this hot pink thing is complete, I’ll fiddle out the bound off ends of the basketweave afghan, rip back the moss stitch border, and knit on that final ball of yarn.

I’m hugely relieved, because even though I love this yarn and the blanket is lovely, it was intended to be a birthday present for my brother-in-law, but it was too short. Now it should be just the right length. Phew.

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  1. marti says:

    hope you had fun at dragon con! and it is good to know that mine is not the only household that has misplaced yarn upon occassion. we used to go to cons before we had kids, maybe someday we will get to go again.

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