What the good nerd brings to a Con

We flew off to Atlanta yesterday, for Dragon Con, and what else is a girl to do when stuffed into an airplane seat for 3 hours straight but make a sock? I brought along yarn enough for two pairs of socks, and I think it’s good that I did, because I nearly finished the first sock on the plane. Last night, while relaxing in our room after hiking off to find out where they’d stashed the registration for the Con this year, I finished off the sock, and am now pondering casting on for the second one so I can carry it around with me and have something to keep my hands busy during all the sessions we’ll be attending.

I’m using Knitpicks Dancing sock yarn for this pair, and, well, it looks nothing whatsoever like the pictures on their site. They show pretty colors in a vague stripe pattern. I’ve got all those colors, that’s true, but mine looks more swirly and spiraly up the leg, and the pooling of certain colors is beyond odd. The psychedelic quality is growing on me, although I realize that there is no way possible I will be able to duplicate this for the second sock, and so they will match in colors only, but still, it’s a little unexpected. Has anyone else run into wacky results from using this yarn?

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