T-3: Updated

I think I’ve managed to get as far on T3 as I can until I return home. I finished up the front this morning. The neckline was incredibly simply to do, and I’m feeling more confident with the shoulder fitting with the front than the back.

However, even though I know the sleeves will probably take me only a day or two to whip out, and the seaming only another day or two, I’m eyeing the instructions and realizing that I need more room to spread out, plus a few more stitch holders before I figure out how to join the shoulder seams for front and back. I’ve only ever joined bound-off stitches before for seams (this is really only the third sweater I’ve ever made), and I think I’d rather be home with more available paraphenlia (and a printer to print out directions for things!) when I attempt this. Even with the wait, however, I’m actually pretty excited because I think I’m going to have my pretty purple T3 done by the end of the month – and since my birthday is at the end of the month, what a nice present I will have made for myself!

So in the meantime, aren’t I glad I brought all that grey wool with me? I was right – the size 10 needles were just too small for the effect I want on this shawl. The wool is chunky weight – nice and thick, and I knit enough on the smaller needles to see that I really do love the pattern I’ve selected (scroll down and see the August 2002 Triangle Shawl pattern). It’s very simple but it’s going to be really lovely once I start over on the larger needles for a more lacy look. We’re off to another play, but after that’s done I think I’ll head back to the hotel with my wool and my new needles and see how much I can get done. Hopefully by tonight or tomorrow I’ll have made enough headway for progress pictures.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    *sigh* I’m not even done with the back yet. Almost..just a couple of inches and I’ll be done. My problem is since its for my daughter I can only work on it in the evening when I can measure it on her. Well…guess I’ll catch up eventually!! Can’t wait to see yours!!

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