Fuzzy feet

My old slippers have been falling apart for months, so I decided I needed to make myself a pair of Fuzzy Feet. I got some lovely pink wool from KnitPicks, and finally got around to making myself a pair of felted pink slippers.


These were incredibly quick to make, since it’s just a pair of really big socks using large needles and thick yarn. Each slipper took me just about one skein of the wool (in fact I only had a few inches left of the first skein, after finishing the first slipper!). I threw them into the washing machine with some sheets and had a momentary panic when I pulled them out after the first run to find that they had not shrunk at *all*. But two cycles later (this time using hot water and the heavy setting) they shrank up just fine. Phew.

I like them because they are cute and comfortable and fit me perfectly, unlike most slippers which are meant for an ‘average’ woman’s foot – and thus for a foot that is always just enough larger than mine to make the slipper almost too loose. However, I do wish I’d doubled the yarn, at least around the foot part, because the sole is a little thin.

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2 Responses to Fuzzy feet

  1. Janice says:

    I like how yours turned out. Did you mix in another yarn with the wool or are those bluish strands part of the main yarn?

    I was wondering about your comment about doubling the yarn for the foot portion–would you need to double the yarn for the whole slipper so it would all felt the same?

    Maybe you can make some felted insoles and slip them in the bottom of your slippers to beef up the soles a bit.

  2. Jenipurr says:

    Heh – I think the bluish bits may be lint – I actually wore them around for a few days before getting around to taking the picture, so they picked up some dust and the inevitable cat hair.

    I’m not sure how to go about doubling. I’d pondering trying to make a second pair, and perhaps duplicate stitching just the bottom, but that seems like a lot of work. And yeah, I’m not sure if doubling parts of it would affect the felting.

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