Let it snow, snow, snow, snow

I got the bodies for these done during the knitting retreat, but had to wait til I got back home to stuff them and then whip up four little hats and scarves. I decided that if I had to do four of the same hat and four of the same scarf I would never finish them so instead I had a little fun adding variety. I added the eyes this evening and then dropped them off, where they will hopefully find lovely new homes.

Now that those are done I can take a deep breath and then dive right back into all the other things I’ve got on the needles – a pair of socks (of course), a mistake rib scarf out of some grey superwash wool from my stash, among other projects. The scarf is because my knitting mom and I were asked to be the team leaders for the church’s annual Food Fight. Basically they divide the congregation by randomly assigning people to one of two teams, and then the teams ‘compete’ to see who can bring in more food to donate to the local food closet. We usually pull in a ton or two of food. Anyway, we were asked to give it a knitting theme this year so we decided that our unit of measurement would be scarves – we’ve each committed to knitting one inch per 10 pounds of food, with the goal of being able to donate the finished scarves to a local homeless shelter. So far I’ve had to knit 33 inches and my knitting mom’s had to knit 41, so I think we’re off to fairly decent start.

Update: I realized I ought to include in here the modifications I made to the snowman pattern, for the scarves and hat. The solid color hats and scarves are done as the pattern recommends.

W = white yarn
C = either green or red yarn, depending on your preference
sl = slip the stitch

The striped scarves are done as follows:
Start with 2 rows garter stitch in C
Row 3 & 4 – knit across (in W)
Row 5 – knit across in C
Row 6 – purl across (in C)
Repeat rows 3 – 6 until it’s the length you need.
End with two rows C in garter stitch and bind off.

The polka dot hat is as follows:
Knit the ribbing as the pattern directs.
Knit 2 rows stockinette in the solid color.

Pattern stitch is a 4 stitch, 9 row pattern as follows:
Row 1 – With W k1, sl 3 repeat
Row 2 – with W p1, (sl 1, p3) repeat ( ), p2 for last two stitches
Row 3 – With C sl1, k3, repeat
Row 4 – With C, p across row

Row 5 – With W sl 2, (k1, sl 3) repeat, end with sl 1
Row 6 – with W p3, k1, repeat
Row 7 – With C k2, sl 1 (k3, sl 1) repeat, end with k1
Row 8 – With C, p across row

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