Chugging along

Knowing I had five more snowmen to make finally convinced me to convert the pattern from knitting all the pieces flat, to knitting the body and hat in the round. I figured at the very least it would save me the time spent on seaming.

Turns out they knit up a lot faster that way too. We headed down to the in-laws’ Thursday morning and I started the first body in the car. Finished the second body before we all went to bed, and by the time we were ready to head back home on Friday, I only had three rows left on the third. I’ve already cast on for the fourth, so I’m actually feeling pretty optimistic that I’m going to have these things done by the end of next week, which will leave me with nearly three weeks to finish up the secret project (I’m just about halfway through that one), the platypus (I need to go buy yarn for that because I don’t have enough browns in my stash, unfortunately) and start and finish the doily, for which I purchased the yarn, but so far have yet to get past the first row without ripping it out. Hmm. But three weeks is a long time and I think I might actually get it all done.

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  1. Kathy says:

    I would love to get your snowman pattern, but have not been able to get it through the link in the picture. Can you please tell me if it is available anyplace?


  2. Jenipurr says:

    I included a link in an earlier entry, but here it is again:

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