Leftover from 2005

It’s the end of the year picture round up – just a few more things that were done before the year ended.

First up are the grey Fuzzy Feet that I made for Richard. I had some leftover Peruvian Highland wool from that hooded scarf I made for my mom in 2004, and he liked the color, so I worked on these, and felted them on Saturday the 31st. Richard wore them around the house while they were still damp, but didn’t seem to mind letting them dry on his feet instead of stuffed with plastic bags on the table. Sebastian is helping me model them in the picture.

Next up is a pair of socks I finished right before Christmas, but never got around to photographing. I lost the skein wrapper a while ago, but I am pretty sure this was made with my last set of Colori sock yarn from my big sock yarn purchase from Elann.com early last year. The colors aren’t quite as bright as in the picture, but it was the only way I could keep the picture from coming out too faded. I think it’s pretty cool how the colors pooled in the same way on both socks to form that one odd blue stripe across the leg.

Finally, here’s my very last project for 2005. Technically I finished knitting my Booga Bag and felted it on the 31st, so even though it wasn’t dry til the next day and I didn’t attach the handles in 2005, I’m still calling it a 2005 project.

I love the colors in this bag. I was really expecting it to felt down a lot smaller than it ended up, but after three times through the washer on hot without any additional shrinking, I figured this just must be the size it wants to be. I have already discovered that it is a good size for holding all my extra sock yarn while I pick and choose the colors I want to use to make Richard and I each a pair of half-finger gloves. And once I am done with that, I think the bag will be the perfect size to hold in-progess lace projects.

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