Postcards from the Edge

Digital postcard from Stitches West, which also shows the Irish Diamond Shawl in progress. She was a little confused about the whole Knitting Olympics thing (because I am *so* not only 3 rows from the end, alas), but the very nice lady who was doing these nifty digital postcards thought it was pretty cool anyway.

More on Stitches West later. Suffice it to say we came (early, on a train crammed with knitters), we shopped (oh my word, the yarn), we had a blast.

Oh, and notice the distinct lack of me wearing a newly knit sweater? At about 1 am this morning, as I finished seaming up the first sleeve and realized I still had to seam the second, finish one side seam on the body, attach the sleeves, finish the second half of the placket, and weave in all the ends, I decided that no sweater is worth that much effort in lieu of sleep. I’m still going to get it finished (the sweater *and* the shawl) by the end of the Olympics, but it will have to wait for its Stitches West debut til next year.

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One Response to Postcards from the Edge

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love the postcard! You are going to finish the shawl and a sweater before the closing ceremonies?! You go girl!
    ( Can’t stand The Wife on Grey’s Anatomy, can you?)

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