Back to the regular grind

Now that the Olympics are over, I have returned to some of the little projects I was working on before. I’ve actually made quite a bit of progress on the socks I’m working on for Richard. I’ve turned the heel of the first one and am now making my way through the side decreases, and need to try to spend some more time on it, and soon. I’d made this little goal to make one pair of socks a month this year, and February just blew by before I knew it, without any new socks to be seen (okay, there was that Olympics thing going on, so I suppose I do have a good excuse). So my goal for March is to finish Richard’s socks and also at least start on my Sockpal000za socks. I really like the look of the Waterfall Rib from the Sensational Socks book, and I have a few possiblities for yarn in my stash, so I’m mulling that over in my head for now.

I am also back to doing yet more cable swatches for my FLAK cardigan. I’ve heard from Black Water Abbey Farms, and they don’t have all the yarn I need in stock yet, but they’ve got three balls in the same dye lot as the next batch that’s being shipped to them, so she’s going to send me those so I can get started. This means I had better hurry up and make a decision on which cables I intend to use – something that has been far more difficult than I ever anticipated (mainly because there are so very many cables out there that I like!). I keep trying new combinations and writing up new spreadsheets and changing my mind over and over as to what works and what doesn’t. Who knew designing my own sweater would be so hard? (grin)

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