And they’re off

I dropped my Sockpal000za socks into the mail this afternoon on the way home from work. Miraculously the ball band for the yarn emerged from hiding, so I used that as a sock band, figuring that way my sock pal will know exactly how the yarn wants to be cared for. No postcard was included in my little package, but that is because I discovered quite some time ago that there are no postcards available for my little town. Not, mind you, that this came as any big surprise, but that does make things a bit difficult sometimes, because while Sacramento might be the closest ‘large’ city, it’s not even in the same county. So I slipped something else in with the socks instead and hopefully my sock pal will like it.

One down, one to go, because this is not the end of the sock swapping for the year for me. I’ve signed up for the sock swap for the Sock Yarn Addicts Club. The socks are to be mailed the day before we get home from Ireland, which means my socks are going to either be sent from Ireland because I was a good little kntter and did them early, or (the more likely scenario) my socks will be mailed a day or two late because I will be frantically knitting them on the flight home.

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2 Responses to And they’re off

  1. Sara says:

    Love the socks you did for your sockapalooza.
    When are you coming to Ireland then and what part are you visiting?

  2. Jenipurr says:

    We leave in less than two weeks (!!) and we’re planning on spending our three weeks there roaming most of the country. No definite agenda – we fly into Dublin and then just go from there.

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