When it rains, it pours

It seems that now that I have finally found one yarn shop, all the others are coming out of hiding. We tracked down a little store called Traditions in Galway today, which mainly sells handknit sweaters, but also had a nice selection of wools. Naturally I had to buy another sweater’s worth of wool, this time in a tweedy sort of dull forest green. There was more yarn to be found in Hickey Fabrics, which is located in the Eyre Square Center. Not a very inspiring selection there, but since I’d found the shop earlier, I didn’t mind.

Not much knitting content to report, but I suspect I’ll get some time to work on the second sock this evening. Tomorrow we’re off to the Aran Islands, which, as the name indicates, is where I am hoping to find sweaters from which to draw inspiration for all this wool I’ve been buying.

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