Note to self

Dear Self,

The next time you think that it would be a really cool idea to make three pairs of (nearly identical) socks that must be done by a certain time, and you put it off and put it off until two weeks before the deadline because you are sure that two weeks will be plenty of time? Maybe you ought to remember that during those two weeks, you already promised to spend five of those evenings volunteering for a massive painting and clean-up effort the likes of which will suck all your energy out of you so that you can barely keep your eyes open to do a few rows on the sock when you get home extremely late each night. And then you might also want to remember that even though there is a full weekend and a holiday in the middle of those two weeks, there will be errands and chores and oh yes, groups of people coming to your house for events during which you really should be socializing and not sitting in a corner frantically knitting.

Also, next time you are in a time crunch, maybe you should not decide to make those six (nearly identical) socks out of skinny little yarn that knits up to 8 stitches and 12 rows per inch.



(Two socks finished, 3 1/2 socks to go before Friday. Aaaaaaah!)

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  1. I hear ya….I have the same problem and am under the same time crunch..arg! So what am I doing you ask? Surfing Flak blogs!

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