Six of one, half a dozen of the other

The socks, they are finished! Finished! And it’s not even 10pm the night before they’re due. There are whole hours of potential knitting time tonight that can now be spent in blissful sleep. I think that counts as having them actually done ‘early’, right?

(We are ignoring the fact that I have not yet packed for the weekend. Shh!).

Anyway, here’s the plan for the weekend. Hint – I suspect that it will include very little actual knitting.

Tomorrow morning I head off to Napa to pick up my older sister, crossing my fingers that I do not hit too much traffic because I’m having to do this during the tail end of the morning rush hour (and we all just looooove morning rush hour, right?). Then we zip down to the San Francisco airport and if the stars are aligned and she can find a pay phone and my cell phone will hold a charge and not suddenly choose this weekend to die, we will somehow track down my little sister. Then the three of us will continue on to the hotel, dump off our stuff, and spend the day wandering – or rather, hopefully very little actual wandering because we will be trying to save our poor little feet for the impending agony…..I mean, for the actual Walk.

Speaking of the walk, the Opening ceremonies start at 6:30 AM (but it is important to note that the last shuttle to take us from the hotel to where the Walk begins leaves at 5:30 AM, and I will leave it to all of you to calculate in your own heads just how early that means we’re all going to have to get up), and at 7AM my sisters and I commence walking with a few thousands of our new friends. I have this sneaky feeling there will be a lot of people wearing pink.

Saturday we do 13 miles, although we always have the option of doing a full 26 miles that day just for the fun of it (HA HA HA HA…oh, sorry, where was I). Then we spend Saturday night in tents. On the ground. Outside. Did I mention the tents? My older sister and I already have decided that we will be bringing with us large quantities of ibuprofin because if walking 13 (or 26!) miles on Saturday won’t be enough to make us a bit stiff, spending the night sleeping on the ground will do the job. And then Sunday, it’s another 13 miles of walking, followed by the Closing Ceremonies.

So if you happen to be in the San Francisco area this weekend, feel free to swing by one of the designated Cheering Stations and keep an eye out for my sisters and I. We’ll be the ones wearing these socks.

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  1. Lazuli says:

    Congrats on finishing the socks! They look fantastic!

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