Wow – how did an entire week pass since I last posted?

I’ve been working away at this afghan, and it is *slow* going. I’m using Lyon’s Pride ‘Homespun’ yarn, which has lovely colors, but is a royal pain to work with at times. The yarn is lumpy and bumpy, which is exactly what I wanted for an afghan in a house with seven afghan-loving, fully clawed cats, but it tends to separate if I look at it cross-eyed, and I am forever catching strands that don’t belong to the loop I’m working with.

I’m using this pattern, but with only two colors instead of three, and with modifications to the pattern such that I do an entire skein of the lighter blue, then 10 rows of the darker blue. This is because I have 12 skeins of light blue and only 2 skeins of dark blue, and I intend to make two of these things eventually, so I had to make the dark blue stretch.

I’m home sick today, so what else could I do but either nap or knit? I laid the afghan in progress out on the bed, and then got sidetracked checking my email, so by the time I came back, I saw this:

Sebastian has been oh-so-helpful for most of my knitting, mainly because he wants so desperately for me to give him that lovely soft fabric I’m creating so he can knead it and purr lilke a rusty motorboat. Usually I don’t let him, since I really don’t want cat claw pulls all over what I’m making but I picked this yarn deliberately because it’s so lumpy and wavy that a few extra pulls will never be noticed. You can see it’s already won Sebastian’s approval.

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2 Responses to Helping

  1. Allison says:

    Sebastian is too adorable! Good job on the blanket!

  2. Missy says:

    Oh, he is soooo cute! ^_^ The afghan looks awsome too. What a great picture.

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