Is it an afghan yet?

I’ve been knitting with more cat help these past few days, but it’s a bit harder to show you a picture. This is because Rosemary tends to prefer to snuggle *under* blankets rather than sit on top of them, so all you’d see is an afghan-covered lump. If I could include audio, of course, you’d figure out quick enough that there was a cat in there somewhere by the steady purring that would be emanating from that lump.

I’m nearly done with the first one – only one more stripe of the dark blue and one more skein of the lighter blue to go. Then to figure out what to work on next. Do I drag out Seabreeze again and at least finish up that last shoulder on the front, or do I slog on through nubby blue yarns and start afghan number 2, or for a third choice, do I go buy myself some needles small enough and dig up the easiest pattern I can find, and start in on making myself a pair of socks, now that there is a skein of sock yarn screaming my name from my yarn stash?

Oh, choices, choices. I have a number of projects I *must* complete this year and the afghan isn’t on the list at all. Nor, as a matter of fact, was my pretty purple T3, but that certainly doesn’t seem to stop me from gleefully veering off track and trying out new things. With the exception of the sock yarn, however, I have, at least managed to refrain from making any more yarn purchase. And the sock yarn really did not count anyway, because it wasn’t a new purchase, but instead a trade for leftover yarn from an earlier project.

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  1. Karin says:


    try the sox that should be great after the Afghan.

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