Third (fourth? tenth?) time’s the charm, apparently

I finished up my new Fuzzy Feet last night and decided this morning to toss them into the washer, with my old sneakers and a selection of towels that needed to be cleaned. This magic combination of items (with hot water, lowest setting of water level, and a little soap) felted the slippers beautifully, so much so that I decided to give that pesky hedgehog one more try, and after I’d extracted my (very soggy) slippers from the washing machine, i left all the other items in, added a little more soap, and tossed in the Hedgehog That Would Not Felt.

Two times through and what do you know? Ladies and gentlemen, we have felting! Yes, pictures are forthcoming (once he’s dried and I have sewn on some eyes and a nose, because right now he looks a little odd with no face). There is still some stitch definition, so I am tempted to try running him through once more, just on the off chance that the magic hasn’t worn off, but the important thing is that, visible stitch definition or not, he felted. Finally.

(Amusingly, if he still hadn’t felted, there was talk of setting him up at the new yarn store as a challenge – Felt the Hedgehog, Win a Prize)

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One Response to Third (fourth? tenth?) time’s the charm, apparently

  1. Carrie K says:

    He felted! The last Unfeltable Hedgehog is no more.

    Can’t wait to see pictures.

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