Feeling tropical

I had all of this week off, which meant that in between Thanksgiving, reorganizing my home office (and shredding a small ton of old paperwork), and being sick with some kind of nasty winter virus, I snuck in plenty of time to knit. Tuesday I even finished off the pineapple hat and dropped it off at Knitters’ Playground. I think it turned out pretty cute, although that stem on the top took just about as long to knit as the rest of the hat put together. I made the smallest size, which took slightly less than one skein of the yellow and slightly more than one skein of the green (in Lopi Light wool).

I also dropped off the stubborn hedgehog (yes, that is him modeling the hat in the picture above), so that he could be passed along to a woman who happens to own the mighty washing machine of doom, capable of felting nearly *anything*, including recalcitrant hedgehogs.

Aside from the hat, however, it’s been all Opal Rainforest socks around here. The second Zebra sock is done, and when I went looking for the Tiger sock yarn, I stumbled upon a ball of unlabeled sock yarn that looks suspiciously like Opal, and which turned out to produce socks with stripes of varying widths in several shades of brown and cream such that I have dubbed them, for lack of any other type of identification, Chocolate Layer socks, and I am now making good headway into the Tiger socks, with the goal of finishing them by the end of the month, thus freeing up my knitting attention span to focus solely on lace – first the shawl that I am supposed to be making for my little sister’s Christmas present, and then another sample for the shop – a little lace scarf out of some bright red Cotton Fine.

And in the meantime, I just got an email saying that there is a certain hedgehog, still a bit damp, slightly smaller than when I dropped him off and probably feeling a bit put out at having been felted despite his best efforts, waiting for me to pick him up and bring him home and stuff him and give him a face and then wrap him up and ship him off as a Christmas present for someone who will hopefully think he is quite adorable and who never has to know that he has a bit of a stubborn streak, what with the extreme resistance to felting and all.

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  1. Liz says:

    Cute hat but I was hoping for a better look at the hedgehog!! If you see Johanna and remember you could tell her I can’t make friday nite since am doing the Mom thing at Madrigal performances (ie person in charge of food for performers). Thanks and I guess I will have to inspect the hedgehog in person if its still there when I finally make it to Davis

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