Well, what do you know

Who could that be, peeking nervously over the edge here?

Richard’s niece is getting “Over the Hedge” (the DVD) for Christmas. And what better to send along with a cute movie that includes animated baby hedgehogs than her very own stuffed (and finally) felted hedgehog? This morning I stuffed him and sewed him shut and gave him eyes and a little nose, and then hastily shot some pictures before Richard wrapped him up and headed off to the post office to send him on his way.

A finished, felted (formerly unfeltable) hedgehog. Will wonders never cease.

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7 Responses to Well, what do you know

  1. Emy says:

    Very cute!

    Actually, something just occurred to me…part of the reason it was so hard to felt is that the yarn looks very white. In order to get really white yarn, manufacturers need bleach, which helps remove some of the scales from yarn. Guess what yarn needs to felt? Yeah, those scales. Really light colors of yarn often won’t felt because of that.

  2. Tanya Ankers says:

    Aren’t these the BEST!!! I have knitted, I believe, 6 of these hedgehogs for kids of friends and family! I’m doing my last (for awhile, I hope) for my niece today and tomorrow. These have definitely been hits (my other niece calls her’s “purple wooly” cuz its purple with pink sparkly hair). FUN!

  3. Cin says:

    Adorable! She’s going to love it.

  4. Carrie K says:

    He’s so cute! Hmm, that white yarn bit Emy posted makes sense.

  5. Jenipurr says:

    Alas, I cannot blame the yarn. Several other people made hedgehogs out of the same exact yarn (which is more grey in color than white – I think we can blame the flash for the color in the pictures) and their hedgies felted just fine. This was just one stubborn little critter.

  6. Vonnie says:

    oh my gosh, now i want a hedgehog !!

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