A little bit of lace

My first finished object for the year – a diagonal lace scarf.

I finished knitting this a few days ago, but it took me until yesterday to finally give it a bath and then block the bejeebers out of it (literally). The pattern (a Fibertrends pattern with a trio of simple lace scarves) calls for about one and a half balls of Cotton Fine, but as I neared the end of the first ball, I looked at the length and decided that one ball would be plenty. This decision was also driven by the fact that this was done as a sample for Knitters’ Playground, and I know, as a knitter, that it is always nicer to see a sample and know exactly how much yarn was used to create it, and showing that one can get an entire lace scarf out of one skein is a very good thing.

I really enjoyed knitting with the Cotton Fine (which is a blend of cotton and wool, so you get the sturdiness of the cotton, but without the associated hand pain that comes from working with a 100% cotton yarn). There was minimal problems with splitting, and usually only if I wasn’t paying attention, and it blocks beautifully. Because it’s a bit thicker than lace weight (fingering or sport weight – I am not a good judge of how to tell the difference!), it also has lovely drape, so would be perfect for something that needs to be a bit more sturdy than the traditional lace (like, for example, the gorgeous lace collar in the new book of Victorian Lace).

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  1. Karla says:

    This is a beautiful scarf! Love the pattern and the color! 🙂

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