A few quickies

Richard has been not-so-subtly pointing out the holes in the pair of Fuzzy Feet that I made for him a year or so ago, so this weekend I finally dragged out some wool and whipped up a new pair for him. They are such a fast knit that I was able to do one on Saturday and one on Sunday, and still have enough time Sunday to cast on for a top-down raglan baby sweater destined for the new son of my fellow tenor in the church choir. And that was such a fast knit that I actually finished that up Monday night at knitting group, and immediately cast on with yet more feltable wool for a bag that I am test knitting for a friend. The bag, I might add, is not going as quickly as the slippers or the baby sweater, but that is more because it is a larger and more complicated project, and also because that whole pesky going-to-work thing tends to get in the way of prime knitting hours during the week.

I am thrilled with how the baby sweater turned out, by the way. I’ll post a picture as soon as I track down some buttons and finish it off. Not only is it a quick knit, it is extremely customizable, since I can see how simple it will be to just tack on some cables or a little lace insert, or any other type of texturing that might spring to mind, depending on the yarn I use. It is the sort of thing that makes me ponder writing up a little ‘baby raglan generator’ spreadsheet, into which I could enter stitch and row gauge, and thus magically generate a pattern for exactly how often, and where to work in all the increases and decreases that might be required. Luckily for me, someone else already did it.

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