Head and toes

In case you were getting sick of all yellow squares all the time, here’s some non-yellow knitted goodness to gaze upon.

First up, a finished pair of socks. This is the Snowflake Lace sock pattern from the September 2006 issue of Magknits.

I made these with some cream colored Patons Kroy Socks yarn that’s been rattling around in my yarn stash for a year or two. The pattern is pretty simple to follow and once I stopped doing only a row or two here and there and actually focused on the socks for more than a half hour every week, I had the 12 row pattern memorized in no time at all. 52 stitches around seemed like far too few for a sock, especially since I’ve lately been using smaller and smaller needles lately, but the lace pattern makes those paltry 52 stitches more than enough to fit around even my…um…shapely calves.

And now for a much cuter (and signficantly less blurry) picture of that little fair isle hat I made last month while learning how to do stranded colorwork, perched on the head of one of the cutest little babies I know.

I tried getting pictures of the little top-down raglan cardigan I made for the newborn son of my fellow tenor in the choir, but they didn’t really come out, and since the cardigan has already been gifted to its intended recipient, you will all just have to content yourself with imagining it. It was really cute. Really. I swear.

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3 Responses to Head and toes

  1. andi says:

    The socks are awesome! Very pretty! Cute baby!

  2. shadkitty says:

    I had to ask about the socks, because I was definitely thinking 52 sts is too small. Maybe it would be easier to go down a couple sizes and add another pattern repeat in? lol

  3. Gabriela says:

    Nice socks I like them. By the way, what a cutie!

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