This weekend was the second annual Sisters Only weekend (no husbands, no kids, just us three sisters, lots of junk food, and two whole days of debauchery). We had a blast, and since last year we went to Reno and, among other things, did kareoke for the first time ever in our lives, this year we decided we needed to do something outrageous too (thus setting a precedent for every other Sisters Only weekend in our future).

We accomplished this by letting ourselves be attached to skinny little ropes and then we lowered ourselves 165 feet into a very big cavern and bashed our legs and knees on rocks and slid down a rope when there was nothing at all to hold on to except air and even though I think we were all equally terrified it was the most amazingly cool thing I have done in a very, very long time.

So there you are. What better way to bond with your siblings than to strap your overly generous asses into extremely tight caving equipment, and then lower yourself into the bowels of the earth with nothing between you and the floor (165 feet down) except grim determination and the little voice in your brain going ‘holy shit holy shit holy shit’ the entire way down? I mean, really. I’m not exactly sure how we’re going to top this next year.

On the knitting front, I brought along three more skeins of the nubby blue Homespun in order to start the second afghan. And I certainly did get it started. I started it and ripped it out and started it and ripped it out and I think I did that four or five times the very first night. The problem was that the nubbiness of the yarn doesn’t lend itself to anything as lacy as I was hoping, even with larger needles. So eventually I just gave up and decided to go diagonal stripes (k8, p8, then next row, move everything one stitch over, and so on) because at least it would be a pattern that would prevent it from curling on the ends.

It’s not exactly the most exciting pattern in the world., but I am reminding myself that this is just an afghan, and that not everything I knit has to be exciting. I am also telling myself that when I am finished with this and Seabreeze I am going to go out and buy something in bright red or pink because I am getting so very, very sick of blue.

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