So close, and yet so far

I was there in town, waiting for my husband to arrive so we could have dinner. I knew right where the yarn store was, and self-imposed rules on not buying any new yarn be damned – I was going to get myself something new and pretty; perhaps something pink. I was all set to browse blissfully through all the colors and the textures, but it was only after I had climbed the stairs and was staring at the door to the shop that I remembered the horrible truth. This particular yarn store is not open on Mondays! There would be no pretty new yarn for me. Sob!

I suppose it was for the best. This way I didn’t have to break any promises to myself. But still. Sigh.

I’m more than halfway done with skein 5 on the second afghan. Only two more skeins to go, and then I will be done, done, done with Williamsburg blue in Lion Homespun yarn. On a whim I dug up poor unfinished Seabreeze this weekend and was startled at how light it felt in my hands. There’s a big difference in weight between an afghan and the front of a sweater, in other words. But I left the piece out on the counter as a reminder of what I can work on next, once those final few skeins of Homespun are completed. Someday soon, I’ll get back to it. And someday not so soon maybe I’ll finally be able to get myself that pretty pink yarn I keep dreaming wistfully about. If I can manage to get to the yarn store when it’s actually *open*.

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