Short entry to test the new software. I’ve moved everything over to WordPress, since we were having so many issues with Moveable Type (related to our hosting company’s hissy fits about the comment script, who knows why). I’ll be moving additional stuff over in the next few days (or weeks) as time permits, and turning on more functionality. At least in this software, there should be no more problems with the comments (all fingers crossed!).

For some obligatory knitting content, last night I finished Clue 1 for the Mystery Stole. And I also realized that July is nearly done, and I have not even *started* on my Sockpalooza4 socks – oops – so I’ll be doing some hasty sock knitting over the next week to try to catch up. Luckily I’ve got the yarn and the pattern already selected, and my sock pal prefers shorter socks, so this will (hopefully) work out okay.

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  1. Sarah-Hope says:

    Great new header for your blog!

    I’ve been quite happy with Word Press. I hope it serves you well.

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