One blue to another

The second afghan is done. Done, I say! Woo! And while I was getting awfully tired of stupid boring diagonal stripes I have to admit that I like how it turned out. It’s wider than the other one I made, which means it’ll be more conducive to snuggling.

Here it is in all it’s glory, spread out on the floor because that seemed the best way to show it off. Tangerine is sitting behind it pretending she doesn’t care (actually she’s just miffed at me because I tucked in all the ends and now she has no string to eat), and Azzie is inspecting it from the middle.

So now that the afghan is finally done, I have returned to Seabreeze. After nearly three months of using nothing less than a size 10 needle, the size 7’s feel impossibly tiny, and the yarn feels far too thin. But it’s nice to be back to something that doesn’t involve a heavy pile of finished work on my lap.

Here’s Seabreeze, just in case you were wondering. Finishing up the front right now.

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One Response to One blue to another

  1. KnitSteph says:

    yay! the blanket looks lovely! and I love Seabreeze.

    I need to get myself busy and finish something. LOL

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