Quick update

Wow. I get involved in daily posting challenges on the regular journal and this one just languishes, mostly forgotten. Oops.

Anyway. I am still plugging away at the socks. I’ve turned the heel on the second one, so it’s not going to be long now. Plus, since my knitting mom’s doing a sample for me, I’ve got a lot of really good feedback for how to write up the pattern so it’s a bit more…um…logical. Because not everyone’s brain works like mine does (ha).

The weekend after Thanksgiving I hosted a small gathering of knitters who came together to work on a project that I can’t show because it’s secret. My knitting, it is all about the secret stuff these days (sorry!). I will note, at least, that one of the truly lovely plusses about this particular project is that I will finally use up all the remainder of the yellow yarn from that afghan I made for my mom. Clearing room in the stash is always a reason to cheer.

And amid all the rest of this, I’ve got a new project in the works. I picked up some gorgeous silk and wool blend yarn and a lace pattern that is going to be quite lovely when it’s knit up. It will be a sample piece for Hand Jive Knits, and I’ve gotten permission to post pictures here, so when it’s to the point where it’s less like a big pile of spaghetti and more like actual lace, I’ll drag out the camera and share.

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