It’s been kind of a crazy few weeks. First off, there was work, taking up a large chunk of time (go figure) and then, because we were hosting Christmas this year, there was a whole pile of work to try to finish on the house (such as painting, assembling furniture, unpacking yet more boxes). There is a gift project that I tried to finish (and it’s not yet done, but I have a few more weeks yet, thankfully) and the socks I’m designing, which I *did* finish, but which I cannot show you yet because I want to try to submit them a few places first.

Then Christmas came, and we had 11 people in the house (and, I will add, a horrible kitchen and no working dishwasher – oh how very much we are looking forward to the kitchen remodel this year!) and not a single stitch of knitting was done for nearly a week and I was starting to get a little twitchy with the not knitting. So as soon as everyone left and we cleaned up the house, I sat down with some US 5 Addi Turbos, and three balls of a truly lovely silk and wool blend lace weight, and the draft of a pattern, and commenced with the knitting. Or rather, I did this *after* I wound up those aforementioned three skeins of yarn by hand, because guess what I have not yet been able to find since the move? If you guessed my ball winder, you would be correct!

Anyway. Ten days later (a personal record for me), I was done. It helps that some of those days I had very little else to do but sit and knit (in between work, and the surprise party I threw for Richard’s 40th birthday this past Friday, and oh yes, a cold). Those three skeins of lovely lace weight silk and wool have been transformed into this.

That would be about six feet of lace stole (the pattern is not yet released, but will soon be available from Hand Jive Knits – this was knit as a sample for them, to test the pattern) – and that’s unblocked. The fact that I only had to rip out about ten rows total during the course of knitting this still makes me a tad giddy. I have no doubt that knitting karma will smack me upside the head but good to make up for it in some project in the not too distant future, but this piece went so nicely I’m willing to live with the (future knitting hell) consequences. Heh.

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