Knitting a little magic

My niece loves Harry Potter. She has read and re-read the first five books until she has them nearly memorized (her parents are holding off on the last few, because they’re a bit more scary than they think she’s ready for yet). One of her favorite presents from Santa this past Christmas was her very own wizarding wand. So naturally, a little girl who loves Harry Potter that much must therefore have a Harry Potter party for her birthday.

When my sister told me about the party’s theme there was no question what I had to do. After all, I am a knitter, and a doting auntie to boot. So off I dashed to the local yarn store, and picked up some Plymouth Encore worsted in burgundy and gold (anything for an active young eight-year-old requires the ability to be machine washed), and then I came home and immediately cast on for a Hogwarts scarf – Gryffindor, of course (conveniently, I received Harry Potter Knits for Christmas).

The plan is to get this done and in the mail in time for her birthday, or at least in time for her party. I’ve worked in brief spates of knitting here and there over the three day weekend, in between doing a pile of cooking (to restock the freezer) and washing dishes, and hanging out with friends. As of last night, when I popped Galaxy Quest into the DVD player, parked myself in the sofa, and did a marathon of knitting, I’m now over halfway there.

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