One by one

The Harry Potter scarf is finished – it’s been finished for two weeks, actually, and I got it into the mail and up to my niece in time for her party. It wasn’t as large a hit as the Scooby Doo mystery game we got her for her birthday, but I expected no less, and she still really liked it. One of these days I might get a picture of her in it – we’ll see.

Currently on the needles is the back of a cardigan. I liked the 1×1 ribbing of the scarf so much I decided to use it for a sweater for myself. I’ve got this bin of yarn I bought last year or so, intending to use it to make something for me, but I never quite got around to it til recently. I initially cast on for a top down raglan, but it just wasn’t speaking to me, so about halfway through, I gave up and ripped the whole thing out. This version – done in pieces, in 1×1 ribbing throughout – is so far making me much happier.

I’m using basic sweater design schematics from Ann Budd’s
Book of Sweater Patterns
, but otherwise I’m just kind of winging it. I’m doing the back first, since that’s the largest piece, and I’m currently decreasing for the armholes. It’s fairly mindless knitting, which is about all I’m in the mood for these days (I haven’t cast on for a new sock since December!), and I’m hoping I can keep my enthusiasm for this long enough to get it done. I haven’t made myself anything but socks since I finished the cardigan for our trip to Ireland in 2006, so it’ll be nice to have something cozy and warm. The amusing fact that I will likely finish it just in time for the hot weather to start is something I’m just not letting myself think about right now.

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2 Responses to One by one

  1. Debbie says:

    Just a comment and a little cry for help. I am always being asked by the girls at work to knit or crochet for them. My latest request is for the keyboard scarf. The finished project looks wonderful and I’m sure your dad was thrilled. Simple enough YES but my problem is in getting the yarn. Has anyone out there tried this with a regular knitting worsted and if so what are the requirements for about a 6 ft. scarf. The young lady wants it to be wash n wear so wool is out of the question. Instead of all that weaving of ends has anyone tired carrying the yarn up the sides?
    I am grateful for any help I can get at
    Thanks, Debbie

  2. Jenipurr says:

    You should be able to use any worsted weight yarn for this pattern – it certainly does not need to be wool! The yarn I used was listed in the pattern, but any worsted weigh should work just fine. I’ve done other illusion projects using Plymouth Encore, which is a wool and acrylic blend – you can sometimes find that at yarn stores. Alternatively, your basic Red Heart or Lion Brand worsted yarns available at Michaels or Joann’s or Walmart will also be just fine. You just want to look for something that is smooth and solid colored, so the pattern doesn’t get lost.

    Also, I carried the yarn up the sides because tucking in ends for every single color change would have driven me completely nuts, so it should work fine for you as well. There’s only two rows of knitting between each color change, so you shouldn’t see any looping or issues with carrying the yarn along.

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