Look, an update with actual pictures. Will wonders never cease?

I’m finally getting around to clearing out my camera card. Still need to snap some pictures of much earlier finished objects (there’s two pairs of socks already worn and washed several times by Richard that I need to photograph one of these days), but all those empty spaces in my Ravelry project queue were starting to mock me.

First up, the Gryffindor scarf I made for my niece for her Harry Potter birthday party.

Next up, an in-progress picture of the Nutkin socks I’m working on.

It’s been lovely to have a sock-in-progress in my purse again – I was really missing having something I could pull out to do a few quick rows here and there. I love how the Trekking XXL colors merge slowly into one another, and I think it works really well with the stitch pattern here.

And finally, a quick little project that took me all of about one hour to whip up this afternoon. Seems like every time I turn around there’s another baby blanket to work on (and I never did get a complete picture from the last one I put together, alas). This time around I only had to do one, nice big 12″x12″ square, so I grabbed one of the Barbara Walker Treasuries off my shelf and the remains of the gold Plymouth Encore from my niece’s Gryffindor scarf, and cast on for these Twining Trees.

The color here isn’t exactly true – see the Gryffindor scarf picture above for a more accurate representation of the gold – but I was more concerned with capturing the stitch pattern than the yarn color, so I’m not too concerned.

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  1. ruth says:

    love your square and the motif!! =) mine is rather boring (the tunisian stitch).

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