Pattern shift

Just a quick note, for anyone who might head this way in the next few days. Magknits has shut down, rather abruptly and unexpectedly, and the letter on the main page says they will not be maintaining the archives at all. As all rights to the patterns remained with the designers even when Magknits was still live, this means that the designers now have to figure out what to do with their patterns – where to put them, whether to continue to offer them for free, and so on.

I’ve pdf’d Counterpoint and made it available as a free pdf download on Ravelry. The link on my sidebar for Knit One, Purr Too, has also been changed to reflect this.

For any of you who had bookmarked a pattern on Magknits, you may have some success using Google’s Wayback Machine; alternatively, designers are slowly converting and posting their patterns either on their sites or on via Ravelry’s pattern download system.

If you have any problem with the download or find any errors in the pdf, please let me know!

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