A tale of three socks, cut short

I finished my Nutkin socks and finally got a picture of them.

Then I whipped up another pair of socks, this one just regular stockinette-in-the-round, because the color striping was plenty of pattern for me (I really like the color striping!). This is a Trekking XXL colorway.

I started a new pair of socks – this pair for Richard and I left the sock-in-progress on the coffee table one evening and when I looked the next morning I found this.

Hmm. How *could* that have happened? I am sure a certain yarn-eating tortoiseshell cat had *nothing* to do with it. Right, Rosie?

Ever noticed how good cats are at looking completely, utterly innocent?

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  1. caitlyn says:

    The Nutkin socks are awesome! I like the colors of the stockinette pair, too. I think you are the Queen of Socks!

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