Hot weather knitting

I haven’t been posting much here lately mainly because I have been working (very slowly) on an afghan. For some bizarre reason I keep choosing to start large, unwieldy projects right when the weather is about to get hot enough to make knitting large, unwieldy projects not so fun. But I’ve got all this yarn that I really want to use up, and two different sweater attempts just did not pan out, so…afghan, it is. Considering how cold it gets in our 100 year old house in the winter, what with those single pane windows, and also how much the cats really like sitting on knitted things (and how much easier knitted things are to wash than entire pieces of furniture!) I think it is safe to say that I have a long way to go before I have too many afghans.

But as I said, I am working very slowly – most of my knitting these days happens only at knitting groups – and that has more to do with the upheaval in our house than the weather right now. Last week a bunch of guys came in and demolished our ugly awful kitchen and started the long process of the much-anticipated kitchen renovation. In the meantime, most of our kitchen is packed away into boxes stacked anywhere we could find space, and what remains is crammed into the bay window side of the dining room. We cook using a toaster oven, and wash our dishes in the tiny little sink in the bathroom and dry them in a rack set up in the bathtub. The cats are all locked downstairs for the duration. Getting to my yarn is a task that requires significant rearranging of furniture and boxes to clear a path to the doorway of the closet where it lives, which is yet one more reason why I working only on an afghan. Or rather, I did brave the maze to dig out a ball of sock yarn, just to have something small to keep my hands occupied last weekend, but I suspect any new projects are just going to have to wait for a few months because I am not feeling particularly motivated to try to work my way back in there again any time soon.

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3 Responses to Hot weather knitting

  1. Jane says:

    I feel your pain. We just redid our kitchen, but fortunately were able to keep living in our old house while the change was going on. Even so, it was a tad bit traumatic.

  2. catsmum says:

    Surely we must be about due for an update on both the afghan and the renovations … pretty please

  3. Jenipurr says:

    Oh goodness, I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I updated! Thanks for the prodding (grin). New update, complete with photo, even!

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