Baby surprise

Apparently I only do knitting these days if I can do it in pairs. Still plugging through the second tilting squares afghan, and I *do* have a pair of socks on the needles (although nothing very exciting there, just using a broken rib pattern because the yarn is multicolored and I wasn’t otherwise inspired), but my latest knitting is the result of a little knit-along in my Thursday night knitting group. One of the other women just got the pattern for the Baby Surprise jacket, and I bought a copy a while ago but never got around to making it, and a few of the others thought it looked interesting, and suddenly, poof, a knit-along was born.

I dug out some yarn (Sirdar Snuggly Magic DK) I bought a year or two ago, and on the appointed day, I showed up and cast on. It’s a fun little pattern – for being all garter stitch, at least it keeps your attention focused, because there’s always something you’re supposed to be doing for each row. It’s not the most clearly written pattern – frankly, I suspect few of her patterns are – but anyone who can knit should be able to work out the confusing bits eventually.

I finished up the first one in record time, mainly because this is a baby sweater, after all, so there’s not a lot there in the first place. And then, since the first only took a little over one and a half skeins, and I had four skeins total, I decided I might as well immediately cast on for another one, just to use it up.

The funny thing about this whole endeavor is that when I started I didn’t have anyone in mind for the finished sweaters. But by the time I was done with the second one, I’d had a chat with my little sister, who told me that our cousin is pregnant – with a little girl – and it turns out my coworker’s sister is going to have a little girl, so…it all worked out, just as I expected it would.

Here’s the first one, seamed up yesterday and buttons attached this morning so I can take it into work and give it to my coworker for the baby shower this weekend.


When I bought the yarn I also picked up the cutest little matching buttons, so here’s a close-up of those.


It’s a fun little pattern and it makes a cute little sweater and the shape of it – pre seaming – is rather intriguing. But now that I have knit two of them I think I can move on to something else.

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    It’s adorable!

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