Picking some possibilities

Ever since I finished the stocking, I’ve been working solely on Clueless. I’m actually making pretty good progress on it, since there’s something quite fascinating about watching the little squares appear, as if by magic, beneath my needles. I’m about two thirds of the way through the body of the sweater, which means I’m squarely on track to having this thing done in plenty of time before Stitches West, 2009.

As much as I’m having fun being a single-project knitter, however, things are shortly going to have to change. Thanksgiving this year is up in Seattle, since it’s my little sister’s turn to host, and that sweater (and all its associated yarn) is just too big and bulky to lug onto a plane, especially one that’s bound to be overbooked. So to that end, I’ve been pouring through my queue on Ravelry, pondering what to cast on next. The problem is, I can’t quite make up my mind. Plus, there is the fact that I’ll be gone for five days – not a huge length of time, to be sure, but it’s still a long time to be away from all my pattern books and my yarn stash – so I have to make sure to bring along more than one project, just in case I get bored.

I’ve been busily packing for our trip, since we fly out tonight, but I’ve finally narrowed the choices down to the following:

  • Escher Cube Socks – I’ve been on kind of a sock lull lately; in fact I’ve had a pair on the needles for a few months now, and all they need is for the last toe to be finished and ends sewn in, and they’d be ready to wear, but I just can’t work up the motivation. So maybe the lure of a fresh new pattern will entice me to finally finish off the existing pair (since I still hold firmly to my self-imposed rule of only one sock on the needles at a time).
  • Snowflake Stars – These are cute, look like they’d be quick and easy, and might even make a great little item to tack onto presents. Plus, I’ve got a ton of crochet cotton, gifted to me a year or two back by someone who was trying to clear out her stash.
  • Celtic Knot Stole – Even as I pack up some carefully wound lace yarn and the appropriately sized needles, I am not holding my breath I’ll actually start this. Lace and visiting with small, noisy, excitable children, do not really mix.
  • Murano Scarf, from the Winter 2008 issue of Interweave Knits – There’s some cute things in this issue, but the Murano Scarf is really the only thing that jumped out at me as a ‘must make’. I suspect the main appeal is that it uses two balls of sock yarn, and I am nothing if not swimming in sock yarn that really needs to be knit up.
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