Here is what happens when you run out of yarn while making sleeves.

Step 1: You have sleeves that are *almost*, but not quite the right length (missing about 3 inches on each side).

Notice the yarn in between those two sleeves? That’s all that was left. And yes, they are, indeed, both attached to the same length of yarn.

Step 2: You unravel both sleeves while watching the Olympics, and occasionally muttering impolite words when the yarn tangles on itself, until you are left with these.

Step 3: You start over again, this time from the top of the sleeve, and figure out how to read the pattern backwards. You measure obsessively and keep a close eye on the amount of yarn remaining. And then you finally end up with these.

They come to a little below the elbows, so I am really hoping that they work. Plus, I included the teeny little ball of yarn that remains in that last picture. If I am really lucky it will be enough to at least seam the sleeves onto the shoulders, since that’s the area where I’m not exactly confident in my ability to make invisible seams.

Next up – putting all the pieces together. Phew.

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