Still in sleeve arrest

No new pictures yet, but that’s mainly because I just haven’t gotten around to dragging out the camera. I ended up riipping out the entire body of Sonnet because I realized that my guage was just too tight, and the resulting fabric turned out too stiff. I switched from 10 to 12, and voila, a looser knit, and a softer cardigan. A lot of work to rip out to the very last stitch, but it couldn’t be a project of mine without at least *some* significant frogging, so really, this was only to be expected!

Buttons were procured Friday night on the way home from the monthy knitting circle at the library – pretty purple ones that match the color of the yarn almost perfectly. Shoulders are seamed and I’m finishing up the last sleeve. I still have to attach sleeve #2 to Seabreeze, so I sense much seaming in my future in order to finish these two off completely.

With those two sweaters out of the way it’s going to be hard to decide what to do next. There’s two huge skeins of an incredibly soft wool, acrylic, and mohair mix in muted shades of autumn that are goiing to become another cardigan, but beyond that there are all manner of new things in my stash from recent eBay purchases, and there are all manner of tempting patterns to try out. The newest Knitty has a few I’m definitely going to have to make. I’ve joined a knitalong for Blaze, but I think ZigZag is also calling my name. And as fall approaches I am starting to think more fondly of afghans again, so Cozy looks like it might have to join the list of projects-in-waiting. Plus there’s three new babies coming along in the next four or five months and I’ve been poking around looking at patterns for baby blankets and eying soft fuzzy acrylics and cottons for those. Oh, choices, choices.

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