A few weeks ago Emily posted pictures of the most wonderful chickens on her blog, along with the magic words “Would anyone be interested in test knitting these?”. Naturally I was one of many who flung their virtual hands in the hand and hollered “me me me!”. I was originally thinking I might make either the chicken or the rooster, but I showed the picture to my younger sister, who is a wee bit obsessed with chickens these days (she has 8 live ones of her own). I asked her if she would want either a chicken or a rooster, and she said she would actually love both, so…two chickens, it was!

Seriously, are these not the cutest knit chickens you have ever seen?

The pattern is available for sale through her website and through Ravelry. Go forth, buy the pattern, and whip up a whole flock for your very own!

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  1. emily says:

    The pattern is at the printers! If Johnny (the printer) isn’t ridiculously slammed (he is the only one in town) you should have a pretty pattern by next week!

    I want to pinch their drumsticks.

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