Baby blanket – complete

I’ve decided that October is the month for me to finish things. I whipped through the third skein of baby yarn and finished the baby blanket for my friend this afternoon. Wove in all the ends and now all that stands between this and wrapping paper is a quick run through the washing machine (to remove a small chocolate pudding stain. Perhaps next time I should not attempt to eat dessert while knitting gift items). Thank goodness it’s acrylic yarn – washes and drys without worry.

I’m so happy with the way the pattern turned out, and the blanket is so very soft and huggable. I hope she likes it. Better yet, I hope the baby likes it!

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One Response to Baby blanket – complete

  1. sue says:

    I love the baby blanket. Can you share the source of the pattern? Thanks. I learned my lesson the hard way too. I once spilled a whole can of diet soda on a white sweater I was knitting. Now I’m very careful where I put my glass!!!

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