Knitting in circles

I zipped merrily along on the first sleeve for my side-to-side cardigan, but it turned out far too loose. So I frogged it back to about two rows beyond where I’d picked up the stitches and am doing it over. Luckily it’s just straight stockinette stitch in a circle, so it’s going pretty quickly.

I took it to the knitting circle tonight at the library in Vacaville. It’s so much fun to sit there with everyone else, chatting and knitting, and better yet, getting to see what everyone else is working on (and getting inspired for even more things to do!). There is talk of getting people to bring in their finished projects so we can take pictures and post them somewhere, but that all still needs to be hashed out (mainly the ‘somewhere’ to post them). I, at least, have a digital camera we can use to take the pictures but then it’s just a matter of either printing them out or finding a common web space.

Speaking of getting inspired, on Sunday my friend showed me a book she just picked up – Last Minute Gifts. I was immediately charmed by the adorable drawstring bag on the front so have borrowed the pattern from her. Of course this means I may have to go yarn shopping for some soft and silky alpaca blends, but Christmas is coming and I know a few people who would adore getting their presents wrapped in something so pretty and useful.

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  1. Dawn says:

    can you teach me how to knit please. i am so inspired by your work. you sound very passionate about it and i want to be too.

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