Cocoa for the head

Knitting up that scarf put me in the mood for wintery things. So I dug out some brown stripey sock yarn from my stash and have been working on a roll brim hat. If I work this right I can get three made in time for Christmas, and with last year’s green ornament hats, I can start a tradition of Aunt Jennifer giving all the niece/nephews hats for Christmas (along with far better presents because little kids really don’t think hats are nearly as exciting as toys).

My wool from Elann arrived yesterday and I had to open it immediately, just to touch it. Oh, so soft, and the color is going to be just perfect for what I’m planning. Now that it’s here it’s hard to convince myself to leave it in its box until after all the other projects are finished (like those two unfinished sweaters). As much as I wanted to immediately drop everything and cast on with that luscious wool, I need to at least cast on for Blaze, since I signed up for the knit-along and everything.

Actually, I did cast on for Blaze this weekend, and had almost finished the first 8 rows of ribbing when I realized that I was knitting a lovely mobius strip. Sigh. So rrrrrrrrripppp it all went and the chocolately stripped roll brim hat has been my distraction from trying again.

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