Good things come in threes

There are three brown striped, roll-brim hats with pompoms on top sitting on my table, and one completed brown striped 1×1 ribbed scarf. I’m about one third of the way through the second scarf and it looks like I’ll have plenty of yarn to finish this one and complete the third.

My mom and my older sister helped me make the first pom pom because I had no clue how to do it. It’s so easy I felt a little silly once they showed me how, but no one ever accuses me of being crafty and gets away with it, so this sort of thing has never been intuitive for me. Heh.

Oh, and remember my lovely purple Sonnet? Friday night I stayed up late to finish the second sleeve. Saturday morning I seamed all the pieces together. Saturday afternoon I ripped back both side panels (requiring some judicious cutting and grafting of the first side), and Saturday night I stitched on some lovely purple buttons in the car on the way to my older sister’s house. As an aside, I do not recommend sitting in the backseat sewing buttons onto a sweater in very dim light in post-Thanksgiving stop-and-go traffic. Ugh. Carsickness is not my friend.

The sweater fits my little sister perfectly (which is good because it’s her Christmas present), and she loved it. The only problem is that the neckline is far too wide. So I”ve got a little over a week to figure out a way to do some emergency alterations before I send it up to her. At that point I’ll take and post pictures. Neckline aside, it turned out gorgeous and I’m actually pretty pleased with it. Pictures will come later, once it’s complete.

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