Jenipurr’s State of the Knitting Address

I figured since I have yet to get around to creating a Finished Objects page (see here for further explanation of why), I would borrow a page from The Knitting Doctor‘s book and do a quick summary of what I managed to accomplish in yarn last year.

Since I started this journal in April of last year I’ll have to refer to a few older entries from my regular journal (A Cat by Any Other Name). And while technically the first two projects on this list were actually completed in December of 2003, I’m going to list them here anyway, just because at least this way I won’t forget them later.

So without further ado, here’s what I managed to accomplish last year, listed in the order in which I completed them (we won’t discuss the order in which they were actually started):

  • Toddler sweater, knit in the round. My first real project (aside from a few swatches and cat toys). I should point out that I had no idea what I was doing and consequently the sweater’s neck was too tight to fit over the head of its intended recipient. Ah well.
  • Christmas ornament hats (helpfully modeled by my nephews and niece).
  • Windowpane cardigan. My first time seaming. If you look closely at that picture you will notice that one sleeve was attached inside out. Luckily I figured that out before I wore it out in public and a friend helped me detach it so I could try again.
  • A very boring shawl
  • A lovely purple T3, (sorry for horrid picture).
  • A stripy blue afghan
  • Another afghan
  • The first cat bed for Wendy’s cat bed knitalong.
  • A feather and fan baby blanket
  • Two more cat beds for Wendy’s knitalong.
  • A side-to-side cardigan
  • A very wintery scarf
  • Another cardigan – Sonnet (from in purple wool. No finished object picture yet.
  • A penguin
  • A snowman
  • Seabreeze (no picture yet) – three-quarter sleeve sweater with roll brim keyhole neck.
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  1. Fantastic accomplishments. I liked the “boring shawl”. Sometimes simple is best.

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