I finally got around to uploading pictures of the two sweaters I made for Christmas.

Sonnet (pattern here)

Seabreeze (Oversized sweater pattern from 1000 Sweaters)

Friday night was our regular craft night, during which I cast on, knit, and frogged the start of a baby blanket three times. I think I’ve finally settled on a pattern. Of course then I went home and promptly ripped out the other baby blanket which I’d completed, but which turned out more than a little wonky, and cast on for that one again in a completely different pattern. And yesterday after I returned from the yarn store field trip I cast on for a hooded scarf, which will be my mom’s birthday present, as per her request. Elann’s Peruvian Highland Wool is surprisingly soft, for wool, and lovely to knit with. I have noticed that they have a restock of a number of their colors and I am trying very, very hard to restrain myself because I have far too many projects that are due over the next few weeks and months to justify buying more yarn, even if it is soft and gorgeous and at a price that I doubt I will ever see again.

The baby blanket is in a very old-fashioned color green – a modified basket weave pattern surrounded by a border of garter stitch. The scarf part of the hooded scarf is being done in a soft heathered grey, in a broken rib pattern. I have not yet determined the stitch I will use for the hood section, but I have most of another skein on the scarf so I’ve got likely until tomorrow evening to make up my mind.

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