Three little things

The box containing the doll arrived yesterday. My sister says my niece loves the doll, and has decided that it is two sisters named Cinderella. When one is five, imagining sisters with the same name is perfectly normal, I guess. But I’m glad it made a hit.


I’m now back to doing slightly less painful knitting, working on the first of two baby blankets. I’m using this pattern, but making it a little wider. I really liked how the basket weave in this pattern shows even using the Homespun, and also how it isn’t just squares, but looks more like actual weaving. I do *not* like how the pattern requires every row to be mostly purled, which is more than a little bit of a pain to do with the Homespun yarn. Eventually I let one ball run out at the beginning of one side, and joined the yarn on at the opposite end of the row, and now I am doing the pattern backwards, so I’m mostly knitting instead of purling. This works sooo much better – and it’s knitting up a lot faster now.


This woman posted a link to her dissertation on a knitting forum, and after reading it, I wanted to share it with others. Her writing style is lovely and comfortable to read, and I thought her take on the resurgence of knitting and what it might actually mean was well done.

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2 Responses to Three little things

  1. Lisa says:

    I saw the topsy turvy doll at the knitting community at LJ, (it is adorable!), and just wanted to ask you what kind of yarn you used: Brand? Cotton? Acrylic? Mix?

  2. Jenipurr says:

    I replied offline, but figured I ought to reply here as well, in case anyone else is wondering. All the yarn I used for the doll was acrylic. I figured since it was going to a 5 year old, it needed to be something that could handle being tossed into the washing machine when it (inevitably) gets a bit grungy.

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